Even with poor credit these lenders will give you money to buy a car

February 3, 2020

Even with poor credit these lenders will give you money to buy a car. With credit they will give you a loan.

They are not the problem but they are certainly the victims. Their customers will eventually go out of business and the problem will get worse.

They are not the only ones.

My advice: Buy a house with no mortgage and no real estate agent and use cash for your car payments.

Buy an automobile with an installment loan if you are a first-time home buyer. With cash you will buy cars when you want. If you have trouble paying a loan at the end of a car purchase you can use that money to pay for a house instead.

Do not make that mistake.

If you cannot make your car payments don't get the car in the first place.

I recommend you buy a used vehicle first if you can, a second hand used car. There is a chance they still have some value left, but it's a good bet you're better off saving that money.

7. Start saving money now. Not tomorrow.

If you are saving and paying your bills on time, and not letting your money run out, you will never have to buy a car. But if you do get a car in the future, it's best to wait until you have more of a cushion in your savings and your paychecks. It's a good idea to keep a credit card as well, just in case. It can be used to cover car payments down the road, but as I mentioned earlier, it's wise to spread your cash out a bit. 8. Pay down your student loans as quickly as possible. A key tip to remember: if you're paying off a $10,000 loan and you're only using $600, you've already got a bigger problem on your hands than if you had paid it off all at once. You should pay off your loans as soon as possible. It's good for your credit unless you use no credit check loans online, but it can actually make you a more financially secure person in the long run. This also goes for credit cards. I personally pay off my cards at the same time as I pay down my loans. However, I try to only pay off my credit cards (as opposed to my loan balance) when I am spending a significant amount of money a month. For example, I pay off my credit card bill when I am above a certain amount.

9. You're working on the right amount of debt! If you're struggling, you may have to work a bit harder to get debt under control. When you do, you will be a happier person overall. 10. You're saving for retirement! I know we're busy here, but just take a few minutes every single day and see if you can add another couple thousand dollars to your retirement savings. You don't have to do this overnight, but it's not a bad habit to start. Make a small commitment to yourself each day.

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